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Patient Testimonials

“I wanted to thank you very much for the friendly and very professional manner you all showed in my recent treatment for dental implants.”

— Nina McElroy

After having a partial plate for ten years with all the the indignities that happen with plates: food stuck under it, it snapping in two, twice (once on holiday), I decided to have implants. It was an investment I have never regretted. When I moved to Edinburgh I registered with The Stockbridge Dental Practice and was impressed by the way they patiently explained the implant process. It does take a bit of time but it was worth the wait and the money.

- Robert McCairley


"I was faced with the prospect of losing teeth on the lower right-hand side. After a consultation with Stockbridge dental practice I was alerted to the prospect of getting implants. After this option was explained in a very comforting and professional manner I decided to take this option, admittedly when we discussed the price it was obviously the most expensive of the three. But after being taken through the procedure step by step I can tell you the end result is amazing. It's like having my own teeth back, there was no pain, only a little tenderness afterwards. I would recommend this procedure to all if required, you can also use the facility to pay monthly with no interest. It truly is life changing."

- Craig Daniel